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Speak Now 2

Four-level speaking course that helps students to lớn communicate with confidence

Jack C Richards và David Bohlke

Speak Now is the first conversation course with fully integrated clip to help students develop communication skills.

Speak Now is a four-level speaking course which develops students" communication skills both in & out of the classroom.Every activity in Speak Now includes a speaking component. Clip activities are integrated every four lessons, providing real-life language models for students.

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Speak Now can also be expanded into a four-skills course through extra activities available in the Workbook.Encourage your students khổng lồ improve their listening, speaking và pronunciation skills outside class with Speak Now Online Practice. The speak & record facility lets your students send you their speaking activities for grading and feedback. A range of interactive teacher tools allow you to track each individual students" progress, monitor their grades, và keep in cảm biến with them.

Student Book with Online PracticeWorkbookTeacher"s BookClass Audio CDsDVDClassroom Presentation Tool
A speaking component in every activity develops confident & successful speakersOnline Practice offers students extra opportunities to practice their speaking, including speak và record pronunciation activities for you to grade and give individual feedback onIntegrated đoạn phim brings language to lớn life và illustrates useful everyday languageReview pages enable students to check their progressMulti-skills bonus pack for expanding lessons to include all four skills
Speak Now develops students" communication, enabling them lớn communicate confidently và effectively. Each 2-page lesson has clear models and personalization of useful, everyday language.Speak Now features fully integrated đoạn clip every four lessons, with characters modeling real-world language. The English in Action đoạn phim clips help students lớn develop their listening & pronunciation skills, understand the importance of gestures and body language, and discuss culture & idioms.With over 120 self-study activities, Speak Now Online Practice offers students extra opportunities to practice outside class.A speak, record, và submit function, featuring extra audio, enables students khổng lồ practice speaking and improve their pronunciation. You can then grade the practice & give personalized feedback.Take advantage of the extra teacher tools to track your students" progress, communicate & collaborate with students outside of class, & improve learning outcomes.The Online Gradebook keeps you up-to-date with each student"s learning, making it easy for you khổng lồ track và report on progress, and letting you quickly identify strengths và weaknesses within a class.
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