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The House of the Dead is a shooter arcade trò chơi with an action-horror thematic created by Sega và released in 1996.

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OSsupportedWindows XP, 2000 & Windows 7
Updated19 July 2020

Game Review

The House of the Dead is a shooter arcade trò chơi with an action-horror thematic created by Sega & released in 1996. The title was ported khổng lồ Sega Saturn & Windows in 1998. These last two versions came with new trò chơi modes, including the boss Mode, and the possibility khổng lồ select characters at the beginning of the adventure.

Despite its significant influence on consoles, the Tokyo-based developer also has a remarkable legacy in the world of arcade games. Specializing in racing titles such as the renowned Daytona USA, it has made successful incursions in other releases such as Golden Axe. As for the House of the Dead, its success was so resounding that it inspired more than 10 sequels & several curious spin-offs.

The main character of the adventure is Thomas Rogan, an AMS agent who receives a điện thoại tư vấn from Sophie, his fiancée, asking him from Europe lớn come & save her. Accompanied by his partner "G," Thomas arrives at the mansion where the rescue request came from and quickly finds that it is full of dead scientists and zombies. They quickly discover that the cause of this was a biochemist named Roy Curien. The villain is obsessed with finding the secrets of life & death & with them, creating the ultimate lifeform. So, intending lớn save the young woman and stop the scientist, the heroes begin their adventure.

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On the arcade, players could use a light gun, but in the PC version, we use a mouse. The characters progress through the stages automatically, stopping once they find enemies, và moving lớn a generally static camera. When doing this, the opponents will try lớn attack the heroes, so the players must react quickly & shoot them until there are none left, and they can move on. While this is happening, they can also shoot & kill zombies or items for extra points, but they cannot be damaged until the camera stops again. Each màn chơi has a boss, unlike regular enemies, they have a life bar, a weak point, và different mechanics to face each one of them. Finally, three different endings will be unlocked based on the players" scores.

The graphics và sound effects of the title are very well achieved. The màu sắc palette is usually cold in the labs or dominated by different browns outside them, rotating between technology & decrepitude caused by the plague of the undead. On the other hand, the lively & intense colors take the game out of the sphere of terror & make it much more vivid và friendly khổng lồ any kind of audience. Music và sound effects contribute significantly to lớn this feeling. The soundtrack is oriented to rock, & even the songs with scary or mysterious rhythms are intensified và generate more adrenaline than fear. The sounds produced by hitting a shot are almost caricatured & create a pleasant sensation for the player. The latter goes hand in hand with the ease of killing enemies và the dismemberment caused by each impact, empowering the protagonists.

The reviews were excellent, highlighting all the components of the adventure and considering it the second-best arcade of the year. Regardless of your age, experience, or affinity for this type of game, The House of the Dead is an experience that everyone should live. More than trăng tròn years after its arrival, the title has aged very well and is still a lot of fun for the casual gamer, and a challenge for those who want to lớn get the best ending.

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