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Han Xing Lee Kwang-soo made his fortune from the variety show “Running Man”. Over the past 11 years, he has accumulated profound revolutionary emotions with the members of the team. However, he could not recover from his foot injury & finally made the decision khổng lồ withdraw from the show. Today (13th) will be broadcast before getting off the train In the last episode, many fans were quite reluctant, and some netizens discovered the “5 Years Curse” of the show, and they were surprised that important members quit almost every 5 years.

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▲ Lee Kwang-soo will officially withdraw from “Running Man” today. (Picture/Retrieved from YouTube/런닝맨-스브스공식채널)

“Running Man” has been aired since July 2010. The original members of the original ancestors include tuy vậy Zhongji, Lizzy và Gary. The three announced their withdrawal from the show in 2010 and 2016. Liang Shican and Quan Zhaomin were the next year after Gary left. Join to khung the current 8-man lineup.

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▲Lizzy quit “Running Man” in January 2011.

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(Photo/Retrieved from Lizzy Twitter)



▲宋仲基2011年4月離開 《Running Man》。(圖/翻攝自YouTube/Running Man – Subs Official Channel)

However, Lee Kwang-soo announced that he would get off the show in 2021 due lớn a foot injury. Some netizens discovered that “RM” has important team members leaving almost every 5 years, becoming the show’s unique “5 year curse.” Facing Lee Kwang-soo’s upcoming official farewell to lớn the show, many die-hard viewers expressed sadness và expressed “I’m really reluctant lớn bear” and “I’m going lớn cry miserably tonight”, & some shouted, “I hope I can see you again after I’ve been wounded” & “Hope. Will come back again”, “I will decide to stay at Kwangsoo’s next recording.”



▲Gary於2016年從 《Running Man》下車。(圖/翻攝自YouTube/Running Man – Subs Official Channel)


▲Some netizens discovered that important members of “RM” leave the show every 5 years. (Picture/Retrieved from Wikipedia)

“Running Man” recently released the trailer for the last episode of Lee Kwang Soo’s video. The title reads “The Last Story “Goodbye” Kwang Soo Wants to Tell”. With a trembling voice, he prepared to read & write a letter, choked up và said to everyone, “I’m sorry… “Then he lowered his head, và the camera also showed Kim Jong-kuk, tuy nhiên Ji-hyo & Liang Shi-can aside. Some had red eyes, some pursed their mouths to lớn suppress emotions, và some had reddened noses. It is expected that a lot of “RM” iron will be forced to cry tonight. Powder.

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