What’s We Got Married?

We Got Married is South Korean variety show that was airing on MBC channel. The show’s about two celebrities that get paired up khổng lồ be ‘virtual’ married couples. The couples will complete different challenges phối by the show’s staff. Even though the show generated a lot of controversies, they managed to stay on the air from 2008 until 2017.

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Kwak Si-yang and Kim So-yeon’s Relationship on We Got Married


Kwak Si-yang & Kim So-yeon were chosen lớn be one of the couples for We Got Married, Season 4. Their married life started on episode 287 and ended on episode 316. During their 209 days of marriage, they shared some moments & memories together. They showed a real chemistry between them, despite the age gap (Kim So-yeon is 7 years older than Kwak Si-yang).

Do you want lớn know about their best moments on We Got Married?

Channel Korea has compiled some important moments from this couple.


The First Meeting


Kwak Si-yang và Kim So-yeon first met each other on episode 287. Kwak went to lớn what would be their house lớn find out who would become his virtual wife. When they met, Kim was shocked because her virtual husband looked so young. She worried whether she might feel like an aunt or a nuna for him. Kwak Si-yang’s impressionof Kim was very different. He asked himself, “Why she is so beautiful? Wow, a celebrity.” He also added he wasn’t sure because it’s Kim So-yeon who would be his wife.

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After greeting & getting know each other, they started decorating & organizing their newlywed trang chủ together. While decorating, they found out that they lượt thích different baseball teams. Although they were awkward at the first, they got along well after talking for a while.

The Honeymoon


The couple was awkward at the first because of their differences in age, but when they went khổng lồ honeymoon, the couple wasn’t afraid to show some PDA. Kwak Si-yang held his wife’s hand as they took a walk together. He said, “We’re married. We shouldn’t be walking so far apart from each other.”

Kwak showed his masculinity và protected his virtual wife.

The First Night


On September 19, Kwak Si-yang and Kim So-yeon spent their first night together as a virtual couple. Kim So-yeon got a little bit nervous and shy. When she washed her face & entered the bedroom, she looked pretty even without her make-up.

Because of the awkward atmosphere, Kwak Si-yang offered his virtual wife a beer, to lớn loosen up. They talked for a bit, while holding beers in their hands. Afterwards, Kim So-yeon asked about the sleeping arrangements. Kwak decided he would sleep on the floor because he had lớn wake up early, và didn’t want to lớn wake his virtual wife up, too, if he didn’t have to.

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