Mini lipsticks or mini sets are the best when you wanna try different brand products. I always wanted lớn try THEBALM MEET MATTE HUGHES MINI LIQUID LIPSTICKS set ever since it was launched. Và finally at last when theBalm cosmetics had this huge sale of 50% off site wide, I took the chance in grabbing them along with the MANIZER SISTERS TRIO . This is my first ever purchase of liquid lipsticks from theBalm. 

Introducing the Meet Matt(e) Hughes mini phối from theBalm Cosmetics, featuring six brand new shades of our truly loyal liquid lipstick. Whether you’re single và ready lớn mingle, or dedicated lớn finding “the one”, this limited edition kit is the perfect ‘matte‘ch-maker!

With twelve dreamy shades to lớn choose from, you can take your pick from this hopelessly devoted collection. This long-wearing formula has a comfortable matte finish with

This long-wearing formula has a comfortable matte finish with no commitment issues.These matte vanilla mint liquid lipsticks are stuck on you without feeling clingy!Long wearing và lightweight.Comfortable matte finish.Cruelty-free.

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TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini Liquid Lipsticks set is a part of the Limited Edition Holiday collection 2016, which later came into the permanent fam. This mini lipsticks set includes six shades of the Balm Meet Matte Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks – CHARMING, SINCERE, COMMITTED, DOTING, DEDICATED and LOYAL. Very pretty shades for everyday use.

This phối is priced at $29 & is available on their website. & as I said, I got it for $14.50 during the một nửa off sale, great giảm giá khuyến mãi right! Each mini lipstick consists of 0.04fl oz of product. The kích thước of the lipstick is way too smaller than expected.

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I bought mine from an Instagram seller, my best friend, TheBeautyShop_India.

These mini lipsticks come in a regular creamy trắng flimsy cardboard box with every detail described on it. The shades names are also mentioned on the box as well as on the lipstick too. The lipsticks come in a clear mini bottle with a grey-silver cap. The lipstick has a doe-foot wand for smooth & even application purpose.

The formula of these lipsticks is thick, creamy, và non-drying. It applies very easily & smoothly on the lips, giving even finish. The lighter shades need a second application for a fully opaque coverage. These lipsticks have a minty fragrance khổng lồ them which lingers for quite some time after application. These are not completely transfer-proof, they did transfer a tad bit onto the cups và glasses while drinking. These lipsticks lasted for max 3-4hours on my lips. Don’t expect these lipsticks to lớn stay on intact even after having oily/greasy food, no these won’t stay at all.


Did you guys try this theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini Liquid lipstick set?? TheBalm has recently launched another mix of minis with more gorgeous shades. I’m so much planning in getting them too. 


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