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Honestly, I watched this because of the bromance between Lee Jong Suk and Kyên Woo Bin. But in reality, the said bromance was lacking in the drama.

Bạn đang xem: School 2013

School 2013 revolves around real life problems, struggles & challenges of students. Bullying always happens. There’s always bad students around as well as goodies being bullied. Homeroom teacher(s) come lớn the rescue & help sort things out. However, there’s always this bad student who doesn’t want lớn listen and just go against them. The drama showed a reason why these students resort to bullying. One reason was how they were treated at trang chủ. They weren’t treated nicely by their parents, or because parents didn’t show a good example to their children. There was also a suicide attempt done by a student because of the pressure & expectation of his mother from hyên. There’s also the demo of brotherhood & friendship in the drama when one of Oh Jung Ho’s friends decided khổng lồ leave him and change for the better. Also, the rivalry between Go Nam Soon và Park Heung Soo at first, & then constantly drifted to Oh Jung Ho versus Go Nam Soon và Park Heung Soo. Love sầu relationships wasn’t focused in the drama, but emphasized on teacher-student relationships. Jung In Jae is a one of a kind teacher. She’s softhearted và always helped her students despite being despised và how she was treated badly by them. Truly a teacher model; she really had that passion in her. Kang Se Chan is another homeroom teacher but exactly the opposite. He acts professional and doesn’t have sầu a cthua trận relationship with his students. He doesn’t care much but his heart eventually softens after seeing và learning from Jung In Jae. These two homeroom teachers eventually turned the bullies into normal & hardworking students.

All, or maybe most of us have become a student once in our lives. We may take the role of a bully, being bullied, a diligent student, or just an average student. The drama is realistic và everyone can relate. I just don’t like the fact that they missed the love ingredient. It wasn’t focused nor emphasized in the drama. Although, it was a good thing that they focused on bullying và friendship as it is still prominent these days. 16 episodes was kind of long for this kind of plot. The storyline was interesting at the start and during the time when Kyên ổn Woo Bin appeared. However throughout the middle, the scenes became repetitive sầu và there wasn’t much lớn look out for. I stayed lớn watch until the last episode because I was curious whether Oh Jung Ho would turn khổng lồ be a good student or not. But that was already a given. I mean how could you not the end drama happily? Still, I was quite contented because of Lee Jong Suk & Klặng Woo Bin’s appearance. It’s a big plus.

I haven’t seen Choi Daniel và Jang Na-ra in any other dramas. I couldn’t say anything about their acting yet nor could compare them, but it’s obvious that they are experienced actors already. Although Choi Daniel’s acting was natural, I sometimes felt that Jang Na-ra’s acting was quite over. I don’t know if it’s because of the character or just her acting which made me feel that way.

Lee Jong Suk as Go Nam-soon — I’ve sầu seen hyên in Secret Garden, and his character was almost similar. Not a cheerful character, but more gloomy. From 2010 khổng lồ 2012, I felt that his acting improved a lot better. He wasn’t as stiff & awkward lượt thích in the past. He definitely has the potential, and he has the looks and of course the height. I’m excited to watch I Hear Your Voice because of him.

Klặng Woo Bin as Park Heung Soo — his character in To The Beautiful You was different from School 2013. He was cheerful & a happy-go-lucky guy in To The Beautiful You. In this drama, he was also gloomy & he’s always angry. He rarely smiled. I’d say that he’s more suitable to act as a bad boy. I’m perfectly biased over Kyên ổn Woo Bin; I wished he appeared earlier in the drama. I’m also excited lớn see hyên in the upcoming school genre drama, The Heirs. Lee Jong Suk và Kyên Woo Bin indeed is a perfect combination for the drama. With their looks và height, it made the drama much more fun to watch. Don’t forget their acting potential as well.

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Other actors should also deserve sầu a mention.

Park Se Young as Song Ha Kyung — Contrary khổng lồ her role in Love Rain, I liked her better here. She was tough, intelligent & studies very hard. I think she’s more suitable to lớn act this kind of role. She was quite annoying in Love Rain, I meant her character. Her face doesn’t seem khổng lồ match the bit*y role.

Kwak Jung Wook as Oh Jung Ho — great acting but lacks the height & looks that Lee Jong Suk & Klặng Woo Bin have sầu. His acting could be comparable to the both of them. I want lớn see hlặng act a happy and cheerful character in his next role, if there is.

Nothing particularly special about the soundtrachồng, though I liked the opening theme tuy nhiên sung by 4 Minute, Welcome To The School. The tune and the lyrics are catchy, probably because of the addition of english lines. Another tuy nhiên would be 혼자라고 생각말기 sung by Kim Bo Kyung. It’s a sad tuy nhiên và it’s always the song when drama scenes are shown. These two are the only memorable songs that I rethành viên from the drama.

Not really a bạn of school-related genre dramas. Definitely a must watch if you’re either a Lee Jong Suk và Kim Woo Bin người, or better if you ship them. Quite draggy because of the repetitive sầu storyline, but it’s realistic as there’s always bullies in any school. Did not dwell on love sầu or romance, but more on friendship, brotherhoodteacher-student relationship. Students can definitely relate. If you’re looking for a school-related drama, Master of Study (God of Study) or Dream High is a better choice, in my opinion.

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