i-Learn Smart Start is a SIX-level course for young learners of English. It has been developed by an experienced team of international writers and teachers khổng lồ be a perfect fit for any classroom.

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Comprehensive curriculum: based on the Cambridge Young Learner’s syllabus & covering topics that appeal to young learners.User-friendly lesson format with lessons easy to prepare, to teach, and to understandProven, motivational materials, including catchy songs, colorful comic strips, và fun gamesInteresting characters for students khổng lồ meet and learn with while they go on countless adventuresEffective balance of skillsContent and culture focusTest practice: each theme includes exercises that familiarize students with common tasks they will find on exams lượt thích the Cambridge Young Learner English Tests.

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For Students:

Student’s booksWorkbookDigital home Activities (DHA) software / MultiROM

For Teachers:

Class CDFlashcardsTest packTeacher’s BookDigital Classroom Resources (DCR) software / IWB

Download Resources

Notice: All Teacher’s resources are secured with passwords, please kindly contact us via email  to get the passwords.

For Students / Parents
For Teachers
Teacher bookTeacher bookTeacher bookTeacher bookTeacher bookTeacher book
Class AudioClass AudioClass AudioClass AudioClass AudioClass Audio
Thai Lesson PlanThai Lesson PlanThai Lesson PlanThai Lesson PlanThai Lesson PlanThai Lesson Plan
Smart Start PowerpointSmart Start PowerpointSmart Start PowerpointSmart Start PowerpointSmart Start PowerpointSmart Start Powerpoint

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