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A cheerful jet và his transforming pals strive to find peaceful solutions to their problems while delivering packages to children around the globe.

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Jett travels lớn Patagonia, where he helps a girl search for her young horse in the Argentinian mountains.


When a boy in British Columbia needs help with his new treehouse, Jett asks the Build-It Buddies to lớn visit Canada and lend a hand.


Jett delivers delicious baursaki lớn a boy named Maxim in Kazahkstan. But the yummy treats are meant for someone else.


When a boy's toy jet is lost in the Everglades, Jett asks Mira's Wild Team for help with a search-and-rescue mission.

In Amsterdam, Tess is getting ready for her very first airplane ride. There's just one problem — her suitcase is missing.

When a hot spring in Nagano, nhật bản gets clogged, the Build-It Buddies bởi their best khổng lồ turn the accident into something positive.

A computer virut is disrupting a girl's popular webcast in Busan, so Jett and the Galaxy Wings must venture inside the device lớn fix it.

Three sisters in the Philippines need Jett lớn deliver some microphones and a stand so they can participate in a singing contest.

In Cambodia, Jett brings a duck whistle khổng lồ a girl. But when the girl's ducks escape, Jett calls on Paul's police patrol for backup.

Eager to lớn dunk a basketball, a boy in Spain asks Jett and his pals to lớn bring special sneakers designed to take players khổng lồ new heights.

Jett flies to lớn Germany, where a girl is sad to lớn see that her favorite amusement park is closing for good. Can the Super Wings help out?

A camera that can change the size of its subjects is mistakenly delivered khổng lồ a boy in Paris, where it transforms a beetle into a giant insect.

Jett và the Super Wings put their heads together in hopes of saving Paris & shrinking the giant beetle back to its regular size.

Next stop: Bangkok, Thailand, where Jett delivers a baby carriage khổng lồ a girl who wants khổng lồ take her kitten lớn a famous local market.

Jett & the Build-It Buddies phối their course for France, where a boy needs some help constructing the biggest và best sandcastle ever.

It's Jett và the Super Wings khổng lồ the rescue when a girl in đài loan trung quốc needs help performing with a magical staff in a Beijing opera.

Alongside the Build-It Buddies, Jett flies to lớn Kenya lớn help a boy rescue frightened animals from a rising river.

In Turkey, Jett delivers a hamster exercise ball. But when the hamster escapes, Jett & the crew search for the pet in an underground city.

A trip lớn Norway takes a surprising turn when Jett accidentally destroys a beaver's dam và must repair it in time lớn witness Aurora Borealis.

An aspiring astronomer in Tuscany asks the Galaxy Wings for help when a constellation she discovers suddenly disappears.

While delivering a basket to lớn a boy in Moscow, Jett misplaces his cargo & asks Paul's police patrol for an assist.

In Portland, Oregon, young Juni has a problem: his family's food truck has too many customers. This sounds lượt thích a delicious job for the Rescue Riders.

Jett and Mira's Wild Team head lớn Australia, where they help teach a girl named Clara to surf and rescue a shark.

A London girl named Olivia hopes her new lion costume will help make her more courageous, not knowing she's already plenty brave without it.

It's petting zoo pandemonium when Jett flies to lớn Budapest with a fiddle that inspires animals lớn follow the music.

When a princess needs a puppy-sitter for a posh party, Jett volunteers for the job not knowing her five dogs are anything but obedient.

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Jett travels khổng lồ Cape Horn off the coast of Chile, where a little girl named Isabella is hoping to lớn celebrate her birthday with friends.

In Tanzania, Jett delivers a veterinarian kit before calling on the Build-It Buddies to rescue an elephant stuck in the middle of a road.

Adventure awaits in New Delhi, India, where Jett brings a wild board trò chơi to Anita just in time for her pajama party.

Jett và the Wild Team head to Palau in the South Pacific khổng lồ help a boy fulfill his dream of seeing a beautiful manta ray.

Jett and the fearless Galaxy Wings blast off to rescue Vo the Rover from an asteroid that's headed for a đen hole.

Stuck in quicksand while on his way to deliver a package in Morocco, Jett gets some much-needed assistance from the police patrol.

When a Swiss boy's toy vacuum cleaner goes haywire, it's up to lớn the Super Wings khổng lồ reel in the crazy contraption.

Jett & the Super Wings face some not-so-friendly competition from a collection of high-tech delivery drones.

Chaos threatens khổng lồ ruin a Greek wedding, forcing Jett & the Wild Team khổng lồ retrieve a ring from the bottom of the sea.

Jett heads to lớn Canada to deliver a tree tap và bucket to a girl looking lớn use the tools to lớn make maple candies for a local festival.

A boy in Mexico asks Jett and the Super Wings to help him complete his chores & hopefully score a sweet-sounding reward from his mom.

Jett và the Build-It Buddies find themselves up to their eyeballs in a kiwi avalanche. Can they find a way khổng lồ save the day?

A delivery to lớn Abu Dhabi turns into a thrilling adventure when Jett accompanies his new friend Nav khổng lồ an air show competition.

The competition heats up when Jett & Dizzy join forces with Thunder in hopes of blowing the wings off of their rivals.

Jett, Dizzy, Donnie and Jerome add more exciting destinations to their delivery list, flying khổng lồ Hong Kong, Dubai, Austria, Cuba & more.

After meeting Sky, the new air traffic controller, Jett sets out khổng lồ deliver a kung fu outfit to a boy named Shun Yip in Hong Kong.

Jett brings a first-aid kit khổng lồ Dema, who lives near the Himalayan Mountains, và helps her meet the legendary Yeti — và a new Super Wing, Chase.

After delivering a floatie and snorkel to Jermaine in the Bahamas, Jett, Dizzy, Mira & Donnie help rescue pigs from a storm.

Nikos in Athens, Greece, hopes his new inflatable muscle suit will bring him the confidence he needs lớn play Heracles.

In Buenos Aires, Jett delivers a box of tango skirts to Julieta, who would much rather be playing soccer than dancing.

Up in Alaska, a girl named Yaari uses her new captain's hat và telescope khổng lồ become a ship captain.

Jett flies lớn Switzerland lớn deliver a cask for Lena's Saint Bernard puppy. Later, Jett needs help from Dizzy & Todd.

After Mayta in Peru takes delivery of a new remote-control camera copter, Jett and the Super Wings help him put it to good use.

Jett flies to lớn Dubai lớn bring construction tools lớn Saeed, who hopes khổng lồ become an architect, just like his mom.

On Jeju Island, Tae-Hun uses a new fan hâm mộ to power nguồn his science project — a volcano with a surprise inside.

The Super Wings fly to Chengdu, China, to lớn help Wen find a missing panda bear cub who escaped from the giant panda research center.

A mix-up with Grand Albert's Telephoto Transformer leads to a supersized little boy stomping through his Irish town.