OK, so you have finally bought a ADLV T-shirt! You"ve scanned its hidden tag và confirmed its authenticity.

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Huge assortment of ADLV tees. Kiểm tra out the largest ADLV collection at ongirlgames.com. Image credit: lovelypreorder

Its big graphic print is adorable và the T-shirt chất lượng is of one that you have rarely touched. Check out how to lớn style the ADLV graphic tees .Now the next question: How should I take care of my Acme de la vie shirt?

White Powder on ADLV Shirts

But first things first. You might have noticed that your ADLV clothing have some trắng lines, especially along the folded corners. Based on experience, this is more frequently seen on ADLV caps. On first sight, it sure look dirty. How so? lượt thích someone stepped on the cap và left some trắng foot prints behind. Not a pretty sight, huh?

Why is there white powder on my ADLV clothing?


Korea fashion brand Acme de la vie explains that white powder is used extensively during their printing và packing process. 


This is a necessary step in order to protect the màu sắc of the graphic printing. And also to prevent the beautiful designs from being destroyed if they were khổng lồ stick onto the ADLV polybags.

Look at the bright beautiful color of the graphic print. You wouldn"t want lớn destroy it! 
nl.wg is wearing the ADLV donut 5 T-shirt design.

Apparently, the caps (especially the đen ones) "suffered" more. This is most probably because the curved surface of the ADLV ballcaps make it retain the powder more than the flat surface T-shirts. Also, the cap polybag is also smaller in size, which results in more powder landing on vị trí cao nhất of the ADLV ballcap too

How should I remove the trắng powder on ADLV clothing?

It is recommended to wash your ADLV apparel before your first wear. Washing it will completely remove any traces of trắng powder.In the case of ADLV caps, the korean streetwear brand recommends lớn remove it using a wet tissue. If you find it difficult to be removed even after using a wet tissue, ongirlgames.com recommends the magic of a clean used toothbrush.


The magic old toothbrush. Please make sure its soft bristles and clean! Image credit: reco.shop

1. Pour a bit of gentle cleanser on the toothbrush with a bit of water.2. Gently brush the white lines bits with the toothbrush.3. Clean it off with a wet tissue & leave it khổng lồ dry in a shaded area.Moving on to the next part...

How vì chưng I wash my ADLV shirt?

You see, ADLV pays a great amount of effort to lớn ensure that the graphic goes well on their oversized T-shirts. They even intentionally chose thicker material textile for a better printing process! (Now you understand why its material is so thick)


Same thing goes for the ADLV basic tees. Check out the largest ADLV collection at ongirlgames.com. Image credit:

And so, you aren"t going khổng lồ destroy their efforts by washing the Acme de la vie shirts in a reckless manner right? (Promise us first!)

ADLV washing tip. Image credit:

The best way to lớn wash ADLV shirt is khổng lồ dry clean them. However, that"s not a very probable solution since dry cleaning is so expensive!The recommended ways khổng lồ wash the Acme de la vie tees are:1. Hand wash in cold water 2. Turn it inside out & put it into a washing net before putting it into the washing machine. In cold water & less than 1 hour cycle. ADLV also recommends separate washing for the ADLV tees.**NEVER USE A DRYER** It will destroy the graphic printing of the apparel. This applies to lớn the ADLV basic short sleeve T-shirts too.

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Learn to retain the vibrant graphic on the beautiful tee! Blackpink Lisa wears the ADLV Baby Face Jewelry T-shirt, retailing at Sgd 70 at ongirlgames.com.

After that, leave the ADLV tees lớn dry in a shady area.

How to lớn iron ADLV T-shirts

Usually not much creases would be formed if you hand wash the Acme de la vie T-shirts và hang them up khổng lồ dry.

ADLV basic tees seem to lớn create more creases after washing. You can iron it over a piece of thin cloth. Check out the largest ADLV collection at ongirlgames.com. Image credit: 

In the case when washing machine is used and creases are formed, you can iron the tees. Pay attention khổng lồ the graphic and logo by placing a thin cloth above them. This will reduce the heat transferred khổng lồ these areas. (Seek help from your mom about this. Moms know best!) Another way is to iron the other parts of the shirt while avoiding the graphic & the logos.


We hope that this article solves your query about how khổng lồ take care of your ADLV tees. With this guide, your ADLV T-shirts, hoodies etc are going khổng lồ last longer and the colors of the graphic will stay more vibrant too!

Twice Tzuyu in ADLV multicolor track jacket, retailing at sgd185 at ongirlgames.com.

Continue to lớn rock on with Acme de la vie! If you find this article helpful, cốt truyện it with another ADLV tín đồ to help them!

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